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MindMap, Odapark - Venray (NL)

Manifestation for Art, Literature and Psychiatry.
Odapark, Venray, The Netherlands (Merseloseweg 117, 5801 CC Venray)
Group Exhibition
From May 25th till September 30th 2012




MindMap is an art and cultural manifest with as central theme the human mind and psychiatry. Fifty international writers and artists take part in the event. MindMap consists of several walking trails through the center of Venray, The Netherlands. The routes take you past many particular locations where you can see contemporary art and hear poems and stories.

MindMap is about the human brain, pattern thinking, perception and feelings. It’s an actual topic, which is very inspiring for artists and writers. The exhibition theme has a close connection with an important piece of the history of Venray, namely the development and significance of psychiatric institutions in the city. Around MindMap lot of activities will be organized in connection with this subject.

The sites are located in the center of Venray, in the Great Church and in the tower, and at St. Anna - St. Servaes and Terrain.

More than 50 artists and writers from the Netherlands and abroad participate in MindMap and more than 130 works of art are shown. On the routes that are marked with pennants, special signs and arrows, they are also phone booths placed. In the booths the visitor can listen to poems and short stories. Overall, MindMap is a great, inspiring and striking manifestation in Venray that will distinguish itself from other art projects.

Johan Tahon is one of the participating artists: www.mindmapvenray.nl/kunstenaars

On May 25th, the routes and locations are inaugurated.

For more info: www.mindmapvenray.nl