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QNX, a place for rituals - Bruges (BE)

Bruges, Belgium
Artistic collaboration
QNX1, from March 20th till May 12th 2012
QNX2, from June 20th till August 19th 2012


QNX is a project of stone carver and letter sculptress Maud Bekaert and writer and director Peter Verhelst. For a three-year period, they will work intensively together with other artists (sculptors, musicians, painters, actors, photographers, filmmakers...). On ritual days, they invite you to a specifc QNX-spot in Bruges (BE), each time in a unique location. In 2015, all these locations will combine to form a retrospective exhibition.

QNX is formed from the consonants in the word equinox. Equinox is the time of year when the sun passes directly over the equator, so that day and night are of equal length. Since ancient times, both the equinoxes (spring, autumn) and the solstice (the longest day of the year) have been special, ritual days. This year, the spring equinox takes place on March 20th 2012 and the autumn equinox on September 23th. Since ancient times, both the equinoxes and the solstice have been days of ritual celebration. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and falls on June 20th, in between the two equinoxes. On those three days the QNX spots will open their doors.

QNX1Huis van de druppelende stenen (House of the dripping stones)
Town hall, Burg, Bruges, Belgium
From March 20th till May 12th 2012

Stones are hanging in a room. Visitors can write small wish notes and fill into a dish. In the scale, the wish notes are heated and become slowly ash. The stones start to drip. A man or woman will mix the drops with the ashes and rub the mingling on a sculpture of Johan Tahon.

For QNX1 'House of the dripping stones' Peter Verhelst and Maud Bekaert work together with an actor. The installation is free to visit in the Brandstraat, Burg (gate near the main entrance of the Town hall of Bruges) on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12h00 to 15h00.
The installation will start with the ritual from 12h00 to 13h00. Anyone who wants, can attend the ritual. Thereafter, the installation reamains open for another two hours.


QNX2 – Lake of Tears
Poertoren (Begijnenvest / Minnewater), Bruges, Belgium
From June 20th till August 19th 2012
Opening on June 20th 2012 at 17:00

For QNX2, Bekaert and Verhelst work with the artist Johan Tahon, who became famous with his large, plaster sculptures. They are mysterious, silent creatures. Maybe their silence is their way of speaking? So that we would look at them: we only exist through the eyes of the other, and vice versa. The sculpture will bend over to you and cry out your thoughts and desires. Or sweat them out? Until a small lake comes into being. So that our thoughts never come to an end. Nor our desires.

QNX2 - Lake of Tears, is a place where one can reflect; or not. A place where the visitor is invited to slowly observe. Because, in today’s fast-paced world of confusion and noise, there is not enough silence, not enough time to observe. Because there is so much to see and to think about; to enjoy and to feel, as long as we make time.

The installation Lake of Tears takes place in the 'Poertoren', Bruges, Belgium. This late 14th century tower was built as part of the city defense. From the 15th century "the great tower" was converted into a working studio and storehouse for gunpowder ('poer'). The Poertoren is not often open to the public.

The installation opens on Wednesday, June 20 at 17:00 and runs till 19 August. Open every Thursday to Sunday from 15:00 to 19:00. Free access. Exceptional closing days are June 30 (Feest in't Park) and July 6/7/8 (Cactusfestival).

For more information about QNX, please visit: www.qnx.be