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Archè - Tiled Kiosk (12th Istanbul Biennial)

Istanbul Archaeological Museums: Tiled Kiosk (Osman Hamdi Bey Yokuşu Sokak, Gülhane, Istanbul, Turkey)
Solo Exhibition
From September 17th to November 13th 2011
Opening on September 17th at 19h30

second-museum-tiled-kiosk   genghis

From September 17th to November 13th 2011, the 12th edition of the Istanbul Biennial will take place. It is considered as one of the most prestigious biennials alongside Venice, Sao Paolo and Sydney.

This year, Johan Tahon takes part in the Biennial with the exclusive solo exhibition Archè in the Tiled Kiosk, a 15th century pavilion, build by Ottoman sultan Mehmed II and set within the outer walls of Topkapi Palace. The kiosk is part of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

With his new ceramic sculptures Tahon will interact with the ancient old Iznik and Seljuk ceramics that are preserved in this beautiful monument.
With the title Archè, which in Greek literally means “beginning or first cause”, Tahon refers to this mysterious principle to which the arts of all times and places can be traced. Archè connects. All art shares a philosophical desire to find answers to the most fundamental questions entailed by human existence.
Tahon’s sculptures are irrevocably connected to the ceramics that are kept in the Tiled Kiosk, if only by technique. What you will see in the exhibition is a fruitful dialogue between desires of the past and the present.

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